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For many of us, orthodontists are associated with the ‘train track’ braces often made light of in teen movies from the 80s to the 2000s. However, there is so much more to orthodontics.

These days, there are many ways to get a uniform-looking smile, but they often involve cosmetic restorations. Orthodontic treatment addresses the root causes of problems like crooked teeth by moving the teeth into the proper position and ensuring they stay there.

Rather than covering up perceived cosmetic flaws, which doesn’t address other issues like jaw pain or difficulties with speaking and breathing caused by misaligned teeth and jaws, orthodontics aims to make long-term changes to not just how your teeth look, but how well your teeth and jaws function.

If you have been wondering whether to go to the orthodontist or not, this blog is here to explain the benefits of seeing your orthodontist for bespoke treatment.

1) Orthodontists are specialists

As you may have already learned from our ‘orthodontist vs dentist’ blog, orthodontists are not the same as general dentists. They study for several additional years to gain further qualifications so they can practice in the specialist field of orthodontics.

Orthodontics isn’t just about correcting crooked teeth or facial irregularities for aesthetic reasons. An orthodontist is qualified to diagnose and treat problems with the alignment of the jaws and teeth to ensure every patient has a healthy and pain-free bite.

2) Improve oral hygiene and prevent gum disease

It can be difficult to clean teeth thoroughly if they are crooked, as food particles can accumulate in the spaces where teeth overlap that brush bristles or floss might not reach properly. This can lead to bacteria growth that doesn’t just cause bad breath.

Poor oral hygiene can result in gum disease and tooth decay, which could eventually lead to tooth loss. Seeing an orthodontist for teeth straightening treatment can make it much easier to clean your teeth well when they are correctly aligned.

3) Align your teeth and jaws correctly

The main reason that dental patients go to an orthodontist, especially if they have been referred by their general dentist, is to rectify issues with the alignment of their teeth and upper and lower jaws. These misaligned bite problems are known as malocclusions.

Whether it’s crooked teeth, or an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite, orthodontic treatment can fix the issue and improve your smile and facial appearance at the same time. An orthodontist can identify the most suitable option for the patient’s condition and age.

4) Boost your confidence in your smile

People often seek orthodontic treatment as a long-term solution to a cosmetic dental issue. For example, slightly crooked teeth or gaps between teeth can make people feel self-conscious about their smile, but braces or aligners can correct tooth spacing.

Whether they want to pose for photos on a special occasion or improve their self-esteem in the worlds of work and relationships, being able to speak, smile, and laugh freely without worrying about how they look gives orthodontic patients a big confidence boost.

5) Better health = higher quality of life

Orthodontic treatment has a range of physical and psychological benefits that can improve not just the oral health of patients, but also their overall wellbeing. For example, those who struggle with jaw pain and associated headaches can bite and chew freely again.

Malocclusions can cause any number of problems, affecting everything from speech to digestion, so correcting them can also improve a patient’s ability to speak, eat, and breathe comfortably without stress or embarrassment – even easing sleep apnoea.

6) Various treatment options available

While it’s better to see an orthodontist as a child, ensuring that developing bite problems can be corrected as early as possible, teenagers and adults can also benefit from orthodontics. However, the idea of metal braces tends to put some people off.

Modern orthodontic technology has come much further than you might think. There are many teeth straightening options available now, including clear aligners like Invisalign and less visible ceramic or clear braces that can straighten teeth discreetly.

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Crooked teeth and bad bites can have such a negative impact on day-to-day life, but getting orthodontic treatment and seeing your orthodontist regularly could turn this around. The difference in your confidence and daily life can be drastic, so why wait any longer to correct your smile?

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