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Whether it’s a routine appointment or an emergency requirement, we appreciate how tricky it can be to find the right dentist for you. That’s why our team at Finsbury Dental are dedicated to offering a patient-centred approach in all that we do.

Our private Liverpool Street dentist offers quality, trust and a warm welcome, whether you’re one of our long-standing patients or brand new. We pride ourselves on offering a huge range of services, so that whatever type of support you need, we can help.

Our treatments include:

So, if you’re looking for a friendly and professional dentist in London, look no further than us.

Modern Liverpool Street dentist

We pride ourselves on offering only the best quality services here at Finsbury Dental, which is why we work tirelessly to improve our approach. This means ensuring we’re ahead of the curve with modern dentistry techniques, and that we only use the latest technology in our clinic.

This approach allows us to give you the most thorough care from your first appointment onwards at our dentist in Liverpool Street. It gives us the information we need to help you quickly, efficiently and with the best results and gives you peace of mind that you’re in the very best of hands.

Invisalign Liverpool Street - Finsbury Dental Care

Competitive fees and financing at our Liverpool Street Dentist

We understand that getting the smile you deserve can be an investment, which is why we strive to be as affordable – and accessible – as possible. We are upfront with our costs from the get-go and offer some of the most competitive fees both for general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in London.

Not only are we affordable, but we also offer a range of finance options to help you get the smile you deserve without breaking the bank.

You’re in safe hands with us

There’s a reason why we’re amongst the most trusted dentists in London, and this is largely down to our team of caring professionals. From qualified and experienced dentists to nurses, hygienists and warm, welcoming receptionists, our entire family provide a safe and inviting space from the get-go.

So, whether you’re looking to sign-up with a new clinic or are unsure whether one of our services is right for you, at Finsbury Dental, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your concerns and we will be glad to.

Emergency Dentist in Liverpool Street

Here at Finsbury Dental, we appreciate that dental issues can arise at any time, which is why we offer both routine and emergency dental appointments at our Liverpool Street clinic. 

Whether you’ve suffered acute trauma to your mouth, a filling has fallen out or you’re suffering from severe pain – we are here to help in your time of need.

It’s important to note that we will not see routine issues in our emergency clinic, and things such as cosmetic work, routine fillings and teeth cleaning will need to be booked into our regular clinic.

If our dentist assesses you in our emergency clinic and feels you may be better suited to coming during routine hours, an appointment will be made for you.

To book an emergency dentist appointment, give us a call at 020 7638 6556.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is teeth whitening safe?

Although some at home whitening kits can come with risks, getting professional teeth whitening done in our clinic is completely safe. We offer safe and effective tooth whitening that can transform even the most stained teeth to a brighter and whiter smile in no time.

Whilst usually cheaper, tooth whitening kits bought online can sometimes pose a risk and contain harmful ingredients, so it’s always best to seek the professional help of a dentist.

Do I really need to floss?

We always advise that our patients maintain a good oral hygiene routine, and flossing is a huge part of that. Flossing every day is the most effective way of removing any food particles stuck between the teeth, which if left can become harmful plaque that is much trickier to remove at home.

Flossing just once a day in the evening can be an effective way of keeping the teeth clean and healthy.

Am I too old to have my teeth straightened?

No! Although braces and other teeth-straightening solutions are most often associated with older kids and teens, they have become increasingly popular with adults over the years. That’s largely down to the fact that there are many options available now, including the likes of Invisalign which offers an almost invisible appearance.

If you’re considering straightening your smile, whatever your age, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today,

I’m a nervous patient – can you help?

If you have a fear of the dentist, it can often feel very isolating, however we deal with anxious patients on a daily basis – and for our team, our number one priority is putting you first.

We have a lot of experience with nervous and fearful patients, and have a number of things we can do to put your mind at ease when you’re with us.

It’s a good idea to speak with your dentist to go through your worries so that an appropriate plan can be put in place to make you feel confident and comfortable from start to finish.


Our dental practice is just a short 6-minute walk from Liverpool Street Station making connections from elsewhere in London easy. Visit us at Finsbury Dental Care is your looking for a Liverpool Street dentist.

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